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Anti-Bullying Advice and Resources

Following a review of our Anti-Bullying Policy and Procedures in school in October 2023, the Nottinghamshire County Council Anti-Bullying Lead signposted us to the following websites.

Our definition of bullying 

Nottinghamshire uses the definition of bullying provided by the Anti-Bullying Alliance:

“Bullying is the repetitive, intentional hurting of one person or group by another person or group, where the relationship involves an imbalance of power. Bullying can be physical, verbal, or psychological. It can happen face to face or online.”

Parent and Carer online training 

The Anti-Bullying Association offer free, comprehensive training for parents and carers via an online course; this can be accessed here:

Anti-Bullying Alliance:

The Anti-Bullying Alliance have created a free interactive Anti-Bullying information tool for parents and carers. It aims to give parents/carers/families information about Anti-Bullying in an interactive and accessible way.

The ABA also have information pages for parents/carers regarding:


Parent Advice Line - Kidscape:

Kidscape have a Parent Advice Line - this aims to offer friendly, impartial, non-judgemental information, advice and support to parents, carers, family members or professionals who are concerned about a child  - either because they are being bullied, or because they may be involved in bullying others.

The advice line is open part of the week, but Kidscape staff will return calls and respond to emails and messages as quickly as they can. 

  • Their email address is: 
  • Their telephone number is:  07496 682785
  • Their WhatsApp contact information is:  07496 682785

Kidscape also have a variety of information pages for parents and carers, these include:


A Parent's Guide to Anti-Bullying - The Diana Award: 

The Diana Award have created a variety of free resources all about Anti-Bullying. These resources can be filtered according to the target audience, e.g. 'parents', but are generally high-quality and useful for all members of the school community. There are video clips, recorded training sessions, downloadable leaflets and posters - these are all free to access and use.

The Diana Award also have a range of support and advice articles for pupils, parents/carers and professionals, these are updated regularly and include:


Information for parents and carers - Bullies Out:

Bullies Out host a free Anti-Bullying training session for parents, carers and guardians. This training course aims to provide attendees with a clearer understanding of bullying, helping them to recognise the signs of bullying and explore the difference between bullying and relational conflict. 

Bullies Out also have a variety of information pages about Bullying, these include:



Advice for parents/carers if their child is experiencing bullying - Young Minds:

Young Minds have created a guide for parents/carers with information about what they can do if they think their child is being bullied. They include practical advice about how parents/carers can work with the school. 

Young Minds also have information pages about bullying, these include:

If a parent/carer is concerned about their child's mental health, whether this be due to experiencing bullying or for any other reason, Young Minds also have a Parent Helpline and webchat service.


Annual Parent / Carer resource pack - Anti-Bullying Alliance:

Each year for Anti-Bullying Week, the Anti-Bullying Alliance create a free Parent and Carer resource pack. This pack contains lots of helpful information for parents, carers and families - including definitions for bullying behaviours, conversation starters and activity ideas.